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Spinatsch, Jules (Photographer); Jaeggi, Martin & Shea, Jamie (Contributors). TEMPORARY DISCOMFORT CHAPTER 1 - 5: DAVOS GENOA NEW YORK EVIAN GENEVA. Baden, Switzerland: Lars Muller Publishers, 2005. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. Unpaginated. As New.

Collection of color photographs. One of the greatest photography books of the new century. A brilliant production by Jules Spinatsch and Winfried Heininger: Oversize-volume format. Rich black leatherette boards with titles on cover and spine and photographic reproduction pasted on the back, as issued. Photographs and text by Jules Spinatsch. Essays by Martin Jaeggi and Jamie Shea. Printed on glossy stock paper in Switzerland to the very highest standards. The whole book ironically mimics the look and feel of an Annual Corporate Report. Without DJ, as issued. Presents in five interrelated chapters an anti-heroic visual approach as the only possible antidote to the toxic effects of the imagery of power. "Spinatsch examines the waiting for the big event as meticulously planned down to the last detail. Whatever will happen is already inscribed in its security architecture. He creates landscapes that could serve as the antithesis to the Romantic tradition. He shows landscapes and cityscapes as they appear under the cold, strategic gaze of security planners, a terrain where every movement must be controlled and contained. Spinatsch mimics the gaze of power, power as a gaze that sees the world only as a security hazard to be contained. At the heart of the security architecture that Spinatsch shows us, we find a hermetically sealed vacuum in which politicians and managers meet to organize world trade in the name of liberal democracy while they smile at TV cameras, remote and untouchable. Spinatsch does not want to be a hero. He is a spy behind enemy lines. Only such a clever anti-strategist can show the cold and imperious glance of power so clearly and hauntingly" (Martin Jaeggi). In the Age of CNN and Fox News, power means having absolute control over the image that people see of power. By taking photographs of the preparations, security measures, and other precautions needed to achieve this goal (while no one else, including all other photographers, was looking or paying attention), Spinatsch exposes the heroic iconography of power as a pompous lie. A "must-have" title for Jules Spinatsch collectors. This copy is very prominently and beautifully signed in black fountain pen by Jules Spinatsch. This title is both an instant classic and will endure. This is one of extremely few signed copies still available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. Jules Spinatsch's "Temporary Discomfort" was selected as one of the greatest photography books in "The Photobook". One of the greatest living photographers. A flawless collectible copy. (SEE ALSO WALTER NIEDERMAYR'S "MOMENTARY RESORTS" TITLE IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 3037780479. $150.00

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