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Leonard, Elmore. MR. PARADISE. New York City, NY: William Morrow, 2004. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 291 pages. As New/As New.

The author's second "Detroit" novel. Now considered a contemporary classic. The First Hardcover Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. "Leonard returns to Motor City for another exemplary crime thriller. Chloe Robinette, an escort, is on a $5, 000 monthly retainer from wealthy, retired octogenarian lawyer Anthony Paradiso. Her duties include dancing topless in a cheerleader's outfit for him as he watches videos of old University of Michigan football games. On a night she persuades her roommate, Kelly Barr, a Victoria's Secret model, to join her in the dancing, Chloe and Paradiso, A. K. A. Mr. Paradise, are shot dead in Paradiso's mansion by two middle-aged white thugs. The hit was set up by Paradiso's right-hand man, Montez Taylor, who is angry at Paradiso for cutting him out of his will. Montez then asks the shocked Kelly to impersonate Chloe in order to scam valuables from Paradiso's safe deposit box, to which Chloe had a key. Enter Frank Delsa, a Detroit homicide cop, who smells a rat and falls for Kelly while sorting matters out. She falls for him, too, but will the hit men and/or Montez take her out since she can identify them as conspirators? Like the best crime thrillers, which means like most of Leonard's work, this novel is character-driven, and in its wonderfully rich, authentically human cast, the story finds its surprises. The prose, as expected from Leonard, is perfect. In 304 pages, there's not a word that doesn't belong exactly where he's placed it. Offers a master class in how to write a novel" (Publishers Weekly). A "must-have" title for Elmore Leonard collectors. This copy is prominently and beautifully signed in black pen on the title page by Elmore Leonard. This title has been out-of-print as a hardcover for a very long time and is now highly collectible. This is one of few signed copies of the First Hardcover Edition still available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A scarce signed copy thus. One of the finest living American mystery writers. A flawless copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER ELMORE LEONARD TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0060083956. $50.00

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