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Yokoo, Tadanori. THE NEW YOKOO TIMES: THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE "SHOW" BUSINESS. New York City, NY: Roth Horowitz LLC, 2001. Softcover. First Edition/First Printing. 20 pages. As New.

Exhibition catalog presented as a parody of The New York Times. Even by his unsurpassable standards, this is one of the most brilliant Artist Books by Tadanori Yokoo. Limited Edition of 2500 copies. There is no ISBN. A stunningly beautiful production by Tadanori Yokoo: Folded newspaper-size format. The graphic designer has taken a typical issue of The New York Times and re-done it, that is, turned America's most venerable newspaper into collage, inserted his name in the text in the most absurdly hilarious ways, and this is where his ingenuity lies: It still all looks like the NYT (which leaves open the question of copyright infringement that Yokoo seems to have gotten away with). Poster art by Tadanori Yokoo. The work is reproduced throughout over twenty pages of pictures, advertisements, and text. Printed on pristine-white uncoated stock paper, which resembles but is superior to "newsprint" paper, in Tokyo, Japan to absolutely the highest standards. Without DJ, as issued. Published on the occasion of the landmark exhibition of Tadanori Yokoo's new work at the Roth/Horowitz Gallery from November 15 through December 22, 2001. Presents in the most unusual and imaginative manner conceivable the graphic designer's recent poster work. Tadanori Yokoo is best-known in the United States as the designer of David LaChapelle's "LaChapelle Land" and "Hotel LaChapelle". His designs for the companion volumes are indeed sublime. Still, they give only the barest hint of Yokoo's genius and stature as possibly the world's greatest living graphic designer, whose primary medium is the artisanal and utilitarian poster (for films, books, magazines, advertisements, shows, exhibitions, and other things that may come to mind). His posters are typically enormous in actual size, ambitious in artistic conception, exquisite in detail, and overwhelming in emotional power. All of Yokoo's art is firmly grounded in his graphic-design genius, and a good deal of it is photographically-based. All of the works, even the darker ones on death and catastrophe, have an innate exuberance and love of life that are uniquely and incomparably Yokoo's. To see Tadanori Yokoo's posters, which command tens of thousands of dollars apiece, and are now in major public collections such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Pompidou Center Paris, and the Tate Modern London, is to be transported ecstatically, like Peter Pan, to another, heavenly world: More beautiful, more blissful, and more blessed. An extravagant feast for the mind, the heart, and the senses. A "must-have" title for Tadanori Yokoo collectors. This copy is prominently and beautifully signed in pencil in front by the artist: "Yokoo". He did not sign most copies of the exhibition catalog. This title had a fairly large print run for an exhibition catalog, but according to the publisher, copies are now very difficult to find because they were immediately snapped up by collectors throughout the world upon publication. This is the only copy available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. 30 poster reproductions. Tadanori Yokoo's "Waterfall Rapture" was selected as one of the greatest photography books in "The Photobook". The greatest living graphic designer. A flawless collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER TADANORI YOKOO TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $400.00

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