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Van Der Elsken, Ed (Photographer); Van Den Berg, Eric & Bernlef, J. (Conributors). JAZZ ("JAZZ 1955-1959.61") . Amsterdam, Netherlands: Fragment Uitgeverij Amsterdam, 1991. Softcover. First Edition Thus/First Printing. 150 pages. Fine/Fine.

Revised Edition of the photographer's classic. The single greatest photography book on jazz. The first appearance of the 1991 Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions, including the new posthumous edition in 2008. The edition is now rare. A brilliant production by Fragment: Oversize-volume format in oblong shape. Elegant black softcovers with white titles on cover and spine, as issued. Photographs by Ed van der Elsken. Essays by Eric van den Berg and J. Bernlef. Printed on thick coated stock paper in Amsterdam to the highest standards. In publisher's original shrinkwrap. In pictorial DJ with white titles on the cover and spine, as issued. Re-presents in a handsome new edition Ed van der Elsken's 1959 classic, with new photographs added that were taken in 1960 and therefore did not appear in the original edition. There is a whole shelf of great photography books on jazz (and a whole library of brilliant books). With each passing year, Ed van der Elsken's contribution is (rightly) seen by both photography and jazz lovers (who are not necessarily the same people) as the single greatest book ever published on its rich and inexhaustible subject thus far. "Ed van der Elsken's entry into music photography appeared just before the decisive moment when rock n' roll cemented its place as the popular music of choice for young people. It is perhaps the most successful of the era's many photographic attempts to capture the essence of jazz because it is more than just a succession of musicians' portraits or even a documentary record of performance, but a book that visually echoes the music itself. Van Der Elsken's work is that of both an authentic jazz fan and an experienced creator of photography books, who improvises in ways perfectly hooked in to both fields" (Publisher's blurb). "His jazz photos, made without flash in Amsterdam nightclubs, are gorgeous fields of grain, as moody and soulful as a sax riff. Utterly original" (Vince Aletti). The clause, "visually echoes the music itself", cannot be improved upon. The photographs, all of them unposed, of jazz's legendary artists are all here, "performing" viscerally before us, their enraptured fans, giving it all they got, and as Frank Sinatra once said of jazz, "dying a little bit" in the process: Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker, Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Coleman Hawkins, Oscar Peterson, and Sarah Vaughn, among numerous others. Francois Truffaut, himself a jazz aficionado (his "Shoot The Piano Player" is one of the greatest films on jazz), once said America has produced only two art forms that are authentically American and will endure: The Hollywood film of the Golden Age and jazz. A masterpiece, this is a "must-have" edition for photography book collectors and jazz aficionados alike. This is an Import title, was not commercially distributed in the United States, has been out-of-print for almost twenty years, and is now highly collectible in its own right. This is one of extremely few copies still available online, is still in the publisher's original shrinkwrap, and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a collector's copy. All other copies of this edition online have major flaws while the 1959 Edition is rare and commands several thousand dollars, depending on condition, when it turns up on the market. This edition is an accessible alternative and offers additional photographs that appear for the very first time. A rare copy thus. 190 plates. Ed van der Elsken's "Jazz", "Love On The Left Bank", and "Sweet Life" were selected as three of the greatest photography books in "The Photobook". One of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. A fine collectible copy. . ISBN 906579042X. $400.00

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