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Menand, Louis. THE METAPHYSICAL CLUB: A STORY OF IDEAS IN AMERICA. New York City, NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2001. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 546 pages. As New/As New.

The author's breakthrough debut account on subject. One of the greatest American books of the new century. The true First Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. The First Edition is now very rare. "The Metaphysical Club" was a gathering of formidable fugitives: Intellectuals, philosophers, and scholars who met intermittently in Cambridge, Massachusetts over a period of about nine months in 1872. With this as the wider (and very informal) context, Louis Menand tells the true story of the development of American Pragmatic philosophy, as it emerged from the minds of four of the club's members: Oliver Wendell Holmes, William James, Charles Sanders Peirce, and John Dewey. Never pedantic and often witty, Menand scrupulously and beautifully describes the lives and thinking of these great men in a complex, engrossing, and visionary narrative. "Menand stresses the important role of intellectuals in times of chaos, when people's beliefs are put to the test. Suggests an intellectual course for the United States in the 21st century. Not a dry tome for academics, it is instead a wonderfully-told story of ideas that advances by turning the thinkers into characters and bringing them to life. It is difficult to describe what they accomplished though Menand takes a stab at it" (John Miller). Really? According to Menand (and he is absolutely right), they helped bring about academic freedom, cultural pluralism, and most pertinently, democracy in our post-ideological age. Even if, not surprisingly, neither Conservatives nor Liberals would appear to be aware of the fact, the Cold War and "culture wars" of the past are past. As extremists, both camps are terrified of their imminent demise in a world that believes in concrete solutions to real problems, in a centrist, progressive, and yes, pragmatic world-view that makes America competitive and relevant in the Global Age. Politicians who make vague, gaseous promises of "hope" and "change" are relics, not prophets or saviors. "They were more responsible than any other group for moving American thought into the modern world. They helped put an end to the idea that the universe is an idea, that beyond the mundane business of making our way as best as we can in a world shot through with contingency, there exists some order, invisible to us, whose logic we transgress at our peril" (Louis Menand). A masterpiece, this is a "must-have" title for Louis Menand and Modern First collectors. This title remains available in multiple subsequent printings and is now highly collectible. This is one of extremely few copies of the true First Edition still available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare copy thus. Winner of The Pulitzer Prize for History in 2002 for "The Metaphysical Club". One of the most brilliant living American writers. A flawless collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER LOUIS MENAND TITLE IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0374199639. $150.00

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