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Burrill, David (Model/Subject) & The Photographers of Kensington Road Studio. DAVID BURRILL: NUDE COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENSINGTON ROAD STUDIO. Los Angeles, CA: Kensington Road Studio, 1987. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 3 pages. As New.

Rare David Burrill and Kensington Road Studio collectible set. Three (3) color photographs of David Burrill, one of the most popular and most good-looking male-nude models of our time, as photographed by Kensington Road Studio of Los Angeles. The photographs measure 5 X 7 inches, are "bleed", and are original vintage prints, reproduced on archival FujiColor photographic paper. Each is encased in a protective plastic sheet. Each photograph shows David Burrill posing full-frontal nude, shot with saturated lighting. Kensington Road Studio's grittiness, explicitness, and brazen-ness have strongly influenced the work of such photographers as Terry Richardson, especially its unpretentious, "come-and-get-it", "what-are-you-waiting-for" look. As Richardson has noted, there is a tenderness, sweetness, and even an innocence about these photographs that the more artistically-inclined photographers of both the male and female nudes looked down upon and that our Terry almost singlehandedly, pun not intended, revived/made mainstream in his magazine, fashion/lifestyle, and gallery work. This is the genuine article, a "must-have" collectible, not just memorabilia, for David Burrill and male erotic art photography collectors. These are original vintage color prints, very highly collectible, and eminently suitable for framing. This is the only such set available online and has no flaws, pristine beauties. A rare set thus. One of the iconic American male-nude models of the 20th century. A flawless set. (SEE ALSO JOE DALESSANDRO, BRUCE OF LOS ANGELES, AND BLAKE PALMER TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $100.00

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