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Schulz, Bruno (Translated by Celina Wieniewska). SANATORIUM UNDER THE SIGN OF THE HOURGLASS. New York City, NY: Walker Publishing Company, Inc. , 1978. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 178 pages. Fine/Fine. Slight rubbing on black DJ.

The author's second collection of prose fiction. One of the greatest books of the 20th century. The first appearance of the title in English and in the United States. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. Published in a very small and limited print run as a hardcover original only. The book is now rare. Bruno Schulz's reputation as a seminal, one-of-a-kind writer is based entirely on two slim volumes, "Street of Crocodiles" (also known as "Cinnamon Shops") and "Sanatorium Under The Sign of The Hourglass". His unaffected love for all forms of earthly life (it's not just "empathy", and Isaac Bashevis Singer is right to point out that in this sense, he went even deeper than either Kafka or Proust) and sublime vision of human life as an eternal childhood demonstrate his genius to intuit and create a landscape, a mood, a feeling, and finally, a whole universe that comes alive "with an unpredictable spirit-force, where every living tissue contains ghosts" (Cynthia Ozick). Magically and beguilingly "impressionistic" in a painterly way (Schulz considered himself primarily an artist and earned his living as an art teacher), Bruno Schulz's prose style has no precedent and many admirer/followers, including some of the greatest writers of our time. A Polish Jew, Schulz was hunted down and shot to death on a ghetto street by a Gestapo officer (to get back at a Gestapo rival who was Schulz's "patron") during a particularly brutal pogrom in 1942. His fellow Jews were too terrified to remove his body and waited for days before doing so to bury him. After the Second World War, Stalinist Poland condemned his work, inflicting a second, even more fatal death. But true greatness is not only its own reason for being, reward or redemption. It is, as Ozick acutely observes, the spirit-force itself that quivers constantly with life, contains ghosts, and is immortal. Bruno Schulz is one of the great human souls who have ultimately prevailed in a world of soul-killers. Every reader who discovers him will never think of life or literature in quite the same way again. "He wrote sometimes like Kafka, sometimes like Proust, and at times succeeded in reaching depths that neither of them reached" (Isaac Bashevis Singer). A "must-have" title for Bruno Schulz and Modern First collectors. This title has been out-of-print for a very long time and is now very highly collectible. This is one of extremely few copies of the First American Edition still available online and is in unusually fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a beauty. All other copies available online have major flaws. A rare copy thus. 30 drawing plates by the author. One of the greatest artist/writers of the 20th century. A fine collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER BRUNO SCHULZ TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0802705928. $400.00

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