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Buzzini, Brian (Subject/Model); Armas, Richard (Photographer) & The Editors of Playgirl Magazine. BRIAN BUZZINI: COLOR "FULL-FRONTAL" NUDE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE. Los Angeles, CA: Playgirl Magazine Enterprises, 1986. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 2 pages. As New.

Rare Brian Buzzini and Playgirl Magazine collectible set. Two (2) original vintage color photographs of Brian Buzzini, one of the sexiest and most good-looking male-nude models of our time with copies of the Playgirl Magazine June 1985 and January 1986 Issues. The photographs measure 5 X 7 inches, are in rich and warm tones, and incredibly well-preserved. Encased in their original protective plastic sheets. Show "full-frontal" nude shots of Brian Buzzini by Richard Armas of Playgirl Magazine. Brian Buzzini is best-known as the first Playgirl Magazine "Man of the Year" (1986) to pose with a full erection. Unbearably sexy and handsome in an almost menacing and somewhat intimidating way (the exact opposite of the All-American beauty), one cannot help looking and keep looking, and cannot pull one's eyes away from Brian Buzzini. This is the genuine article, a "must-have" collectible, not just memorabilia, for Brian Buzzini, Playgirl Magazine, and male erotic art photography collectors. These prints are very prominently and beautifully signed and titled in black pen on verso by the subject/model: "Brian Buzzini (his signature). Brian Buzzini Playgirl's European Series by Richard Armas 1986". It is not widely known that the Playgirl sequence was actually shot in Europe because the Magazine does not reveal them as such, labelling the images as having been shot in California, home to the Italian-American Buzzini to this day. They come directly from Buzzini's personal collection, are original vintage color prints, very highly collectible, and eminently suitable for framing. The Playgirl Magazine June 1985 (Richard Gere Cover) and January 1986 (Robert Redford Cover) Issues, which are now scarce, are included with the set. This is the only such signed set available online and has no flaws, pristine beauties. We are not aware of a more desirable set such as this. The images are widely available online and in digital-print copies, neither of which have any collectible value. A rare signed set thus. One of the iconic American male-nude models of the 20th century. A flawless collectible set. (SEE ALSO JOE DALESSANDRO, BRUCE OF LOS ANGELES, JIM STRYKER, AND WALTER KUNDZICZ TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $300.00

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