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Barrington, John (Photographer) . JOHN BARRINGTON: "UNTITLED" MALE NUDE PHOTOGRAPH. London, England: John Barrington Studios, 1970. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. Fine.

Rare John Barrington collectible item. An original vintage silver-gelatin print that has never been published in book form. The photograph measures 5 X 7 inches and is presented "bleed". It is encased in a protective plastic sheet. The photograph shows the hirsute-handsome and well-endowed model looking away from the camera, in a full-frontal nude shot. The print has a deliberately grainy, amateurish, and gritty quality that Andy Warhol would have approved of, going against the mold of prints today, which all have a smooth sheen and very high finish, the only problem being the images themselves are derivative and empty. John Barrington was a Renaissance Man of sorts: "Author, journalist, playwright, publicist, artist, sculptor, and photographer, he published a number of books as well as his own physique magazines, 'MAN-ifique' and 'FORM-osus'. Barrington was known to flick his cigarette ashes hither and yon and occasionally used a sleeve of negatives as a coaster. Nevertheless, original prints by this remarkably quirky photographer are truly special and show the breadth of his taste and talent" ("Uncovered: Rare Vintage Male Nudes"). Almost all of his prints will reveal evidence of dust specks and other detritus in the negatives, which enhance rather than detract from both their physical and visual appeal. In the case of this particular photograph, Barrington stained the negative with coffee, visible around the edges and bottom (the stain is not on the print itself). As a "careless" photographer, John Barrington was not alone. To cite just one example: Manuel Alvarez Bravo's vintage prints at the National Museum Mexico City show traces of facial hair, dust, scratches, markings, and other imperfections (when we first saw them in person, we were stunned and appalled). But even the most cursory glance at the images themselves makes you aware how great a photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo was. Barrington was obviously not in the same league as Alvarez Bravo, but as a master of the male nude, it is perhaps not such an exaggeration to say that he was indeed special. At his very best, Barrington addressed the two questions that are often asked of all photographic nudes, and indeed, of all portraits in general: How does one take a portrait/image that is truly different from the rest, that is ground-breaking and original? How many ways are there to take a picture of a male or female face and body that are both interesting and erotic? A genuine collectible, not just memorabilia, this is a "must-have" item for John Barrington and erotic photography collectors. This is a vintage original silver-gelatin print. As produced, it is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a beauty. A rare copy thus. One of the finest photographers of the male nude of the 20th century. A fine copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER JOHN BARRINGTON TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $100.00

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