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Palma, Luis Gonzalez. LUIS GONZALEZ PALMA: "EL AMOR COAGULADO" ("COAGULATED LOVE") . Buenos Aires, Argentina: Luis Gonzalez Palma Studio, 2004. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. As New.

Rare Luis Gonzalez Palma collectible piece. A pristine copy of "El Amor Coagulado" vintage original print framed on thick, museum-standard Plexiglas under the direct supervision of the artist/photographer. Limited Edition of 15 copies. Gonzalez Palma editions and does not reissue any of his prints once the edition is sold out. An austerely elegant production by Luis Gonzalez Palma: Gallery print-size format. Actual size is 20 X 24 inches. The piece weighs 10 pounds. Vintage original print by Luis Gonzalez Palma. Every print in the edition is unique: The artist/photographer produced the image in Kodalith then hand-pasted solid 22-karat gold leaf embedded with resin over it. The way that the actual print glows radiantly against the light cannot be captured in any printed or digital reproduction of it. Without DJ, as issued. Presents one of Luis Gonzalez Palma's most beautiful images, "El Amor Coagulado" (2004). "Coagulated Love" represents work that takes his Romanticism in a new direction. Impeccably conceived and produced, it is part of current work that mines such timeless subjects as the passage of time, the dream-like character of memory, and the fundamentally subjective nature of reality. Instead of gazing at the viewer, we see only the Woman's back. The wider view, which shows a Colonial-ornate room setting, momentarily distracts the viewer from the image's singular "touch", a Man's hand on her left shoulder. A lyrical meditation on the dream-like character of love, which is an abstract idea and a concrete reality at the same time, "Coagulated Love" is presence as absence, absence as presence. The Woman is visible but because we do not see her face, she somehow remains invisible to us, a virtual absence. The Man is invisible but because we do see his hand, he somehow becomes visible to us, a ghostly presence. "Gonzalez Palma's images unfold with increasing significance, resulting in an underlying sense of tension and foreboding that is only slightly eased by their sheer loveliness" (A. D. Miller). "I manipulate in order to emphasize the heart-rending" (Luis Gonzalez Palma). A "must-have" print for Luis Gonzalez Palma collectors. This vintage original print is Number 8 in the edition of 15, indicated as such in the Certificate of Authenticity issued by Luis Gonzalez Palma and his American gallery. This is the only copy available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. The value of Luis Gonzalez Palma's prints has increased significantly over the years and will continue to do so. A very rare print thus. One of the finest living Latin-American artist/photographers. A flawless collectible print. (SEE ALSO OTHER LUIS GONZALEZ PALMA TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $7000.00

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