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Man In Formaldehyde (Artist). MAN IN FORMALDEHYDE: "COPPER SULPHATE CRYSTALS". Isle OF Wight, United Kingdom: Pointy Bird Records, 2003. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. Unpaginated. As New.

The artist's breakthrough debut CD album. One of the cult music albums of our time. "Copper Sulphate Crystals" features eleven multi-faceted and hypnotic soundtracks by Man In Formaldehyde. The CD sleeve utilizes a magnificent (and uncredited) graphic art design that is also now considered a classic CD cover art and design. Despite the apparent reference to Damien Hirst's iconic sculpture, Man In Formaldehyde is "a recording artist and sonic innovator rather than the horrific product of bovine vengeance upon our species. The often bizarre constituent parts of his sound have a specimen-like quality about them. Before long, you are revelling in their frozen beauty, and the result is quite moving. Beautifully strange and strangely beautiful, this album is the best of its kind since Susumu Yokota's 'Grinning Cat', and it might well be a classic, a little like The Boards of Canada, but with melodies and an attention span" (Jez Wells). A "must-have" title for Man In Formaldehyde and contemporary music listener/collectors. This is an Import CD, was not distributed widely even in the United Kingdom, and is now collectible. This is one of very few copies still available online, is still in the manufacturer's original shrinkwrap, and has absolutely no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare copy thus. One of the most brilliant and innovative musicians of our time. A flawless copy. (SEE ALSO MAN IN FORMALDEHYDE'S "ULTRAVIOLET OVERDRIVE" TITLE IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN B000CAAGDO. $25.00

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