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Garcia, Tristan (Translated by Marion Duvert And Lorin Stein). HATE: A ROMANCE. New York City, NY: Faber & Faber/Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2010. Softcover. First Edition/First Printing. 260 pages. As New.

The author's breakthrough debut novel. One of the most sensational literary debuts of the decade. Review Copy. Review Material laid-in. The first appearance of the title in English and in the United States. Published in a very small and limited first print run as a softcover original only. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. The brilliant book design/presentation by Marian Drukman, which features Andy Warhol's masterpiece, "Querelle", is just one more reminder why even a paperback is superior to an e-book. Presents Tristan Garcia's "Haine" in a felicitous English translation by Marion Duvert and Lorin Stein, the editor of The Paris Review. "In a controversial first novel that took the French literary world by storm and won the Prix de Flore, Tristan Garcia uses sex, friendships, and love affairs to show what happens to people when political ideals (Marxism, gay rights, sexual liberation, nationalism) come to an end. As Elizabeth Levallois, a cultural journalist, looks back on this decade and on the ravages of the AIDS epidemic in Paris, a drama unfolds, one in which love turns to hate and fidelity turns to betrayal, in both affairs of the heart and politics. With great verve and ingenuity, Garcia lays claim to an era that promised freedom as never before, and he paints an indelible, sharp, but sympathetic portrait of intellectuals lost in the Age of MTV" (Publisher's blurb). Despite its subject's proximity and newsworthy relevance to our time, it is indeed a historical novel-of-sorts, a "romance", and remarkable as such, because the young author was barely an infant when the period and events he writes about with such candor and immediacy unravelled (hence its sensational reception in France). He could not have known any of what transpired first-hand in the way that Edmund White, for example, intimately did, when he wrote "The Beautiful Room Is Empty" (1988) and "Farewell Symphony" (1997). But then again, Tristan Garcia is self-evidently prodigious: Born in 1981, he attended the Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, where he specialized in philosophy. He published a book-length philosophical account, "The Image", in 2007, at the tender age of 26, and then "Hate", at the age of 29. A "must-have" title for Tristan Garcia and contemporary literature collectors. This is a Review Copy. The Review Material is laid-in. This title is now collectible. As far as we know, this is the only Review Copy of the First American Edition/First Printing available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare copy thus. Regarded by Andrew O'Hagan as the best novelist of his generation in France. One of the most brilliant new voices in contemporary literature. A flawless copy. . ISBN 0865479119. $40.00

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