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Boltanski, Christian (Artist/Subject); Fox, Gerald (Director) & Bragg, Melvyn (Editor/Presentor). CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI: THE PHAIDON PRESS DOCUMENTARY FILM. London, England: Phaidon Press, 1990. Other. First Edition/First Printing. 2 pages. Fine.

Rare Christian Boltanski collectible set. A rare fine copy of the Phaidon Press film release on PAL VHS tape with a pristine copy of the film transfer on NTSC DVD. The original is the VHS tape, which is now very rare, as it was released by Phaidon Press on VHS only, and in the PAL system only. There is no American NTSC version. As such, it is a "must-have" collectible piece whether you still have a VHS machine or not (and if you do, it must be region-free and able to play PAL). The film transfer on NTSC DVD is not a Phaidon Press release and was made (by a professional technician, not by us) to enable you to view the film hassle-free. Its quality is irreproachable. Presents the very first English-language film documentary on Christian Boltanski. He appears throughout the film, a shy yet irresistible presence, who constantly avoids looking directly at the camera, like a primitive who is afraid it will rob him of his soul. Together with his definitive collection of interviews, "The Possible Life of Christian Boltanski" (2009), in which his voice leaps off the page and comes alive, "Christian Boltanski", the film, introduces and appraises the man-behind-the-work, the body of work itself, and the achievement of the greatest living French artist. A "must-have" set for Christian Boltanski completists. This film is now highly collectible. Please note: The original is a PAL VHS tape, long out-of-print and now very rare. There was no NTSC version released by Phaidon Press. The tape comes with a film transfer on NTSC DVD for convenient, enjoyable viewing. The quality of the DVD faithfully captures the VHS original. As far as we know, this is the only such set available online and is in fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, pristine beauties. A rare set thus. One of the greatest living artists. A fine collectible set. (SEE ALSO OTHER CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 071486045X. $200.00

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