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Gordon, Michael (Composer) & Slagwery den Haag (Performers). TIMBER: THE DELUXE EDITION. New York City, NY: Cantaloupe, 2011. Compact Disc. First Edition/First Printing. Unpaginated. As New.

The composer's masterpiece, presented in a "collector's item" Compact Disc (CD) wood-cased format. Deluxe Edition of 25 numbered and signed copies. Should not be confused with the Limited Edition whose number is not specified. The Deluxe Edition is now sold out and rare. Presents, in its most collectible format, Michael Gordon's "Timber", a mesmerizing and transformative experience of a masterpiece. "Featuring packaging in a real wooden box with a heat-stamped cover design, 'Timber' is an evening-length tour-de-force: Scored for six graduated wooden Simantras percussion instruments devised by French composer Iannis Xenakis, the work brings the physicality, endurance, and technique of percussion performance to a new level. Gordon shapes the music in both polyrhythmic and dynamic waves of textures. Often, each player's hands are in separate rhythmic 'worlds', each traversing a different dynamic contour from loud to soft to loud" (Publisher's blurb). "Six percussionists beat rapidly on a Simantra (a wooden slab) to create a magnificently tactile texture in which densities and implied harmonies unfold, often surprisingly, over five movements lasting 55 minutes. The music never falls flat or stiff, never warps under the changes in tone, pressure or frequency of strikes performed by the tireless Slagwerk Den Haag. Gordon revisits the meaningful repetitions perfected by one of his musical idols, Steve Reich, particularly 'Drumming'. Here, however, the repetition and rhythm are less tribal and more naturalistic, evoking the four elements at various turns" (The New York Times). The successor of both Iannis Xenakis and Steve Reich, Michael Gordon is one of the most exciting (and important) serious composers of our time. "Timber" shows that he has fully absorbed his musical influences, and transcended them. An absolute "must-have" title for Michael Gordon and contemporary music listener/collectors. This copy is one of the Deluxe Edition of 25 copies, indicated/numbered as such on verso, and it is very prominently and beautifully signed in black ink-pen in front by Michael Gordon. This title is a major contemporary classic. As far as we know, this is the only copy of the Deluxe Edition (which is sold out and should not be confused with the Limited Edition) available online, is enclosed in its own protective plastic sleeve, and has absolutely no flaws, a pristine beauty. The other copy is also from us. Because of its very limited number, its collectible value will not only keep but increase over time. A rare signed copy thus. One of the most important living composers. A flawless copy. . $100.00

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