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Brody, Neville & Wozencroft, Jon (Designers/Authors/Editors) . FUSE 1-20: FROM AN INVENTION TO ANTIMATTER: TWENTY YEARS OF FUSE. Cologne, Germany: Benedikt Taschen Verlag, 2012. Softcover. First Edition/First Printing. 500 pages. As New.

Retrospective collection on subject, presented as a Design Object that weighs 5 pounds. One of the most beautiful books on the art of typographic design ever published. The First Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. Published in a small and limited first print run as a Boxed Set only. Because of the fragile production of this uniquely designed volume, our copy is still in the publisher's shrinkwrap and will not be opened for scans. "Retrospective of the influential, experimental typeface annual. Apart from revolutionizing magazines (The Face and Arena) and record cover design (Depeche Mode), Neville Brody is one of the world's leading typeface designers. In 1991, in collaboration with Jon Wozencroft, Brody started FUSE, an experimental design and typeface annual, with the ambition to innovate and explore the boundaries of the subject. Over the years, the collaborative worked with fellow typographers from around the world, making FUSE a sought-after collector's item. Each issue contains a selection of new typefaces, originally on floppy disk, then on CD, and now via download, as well as essays on design by leading writers. To commemorate the release of Issue 20, this brings you a 416-page compendium of all issues as well as Numbers 19 and 20 in the original form (including 10 A2-size posters and the downloadable fonts). A Design Object complete with posters to decorate your walls. The legacy created by the best contemporary thinkers on typeface design" (Publisher's blurb). The contents are: 10 posters for the last 2 editions of FUSE as seen in the originals; keycard with code to download fonts from Issue 19 and 20; complete Issues 1 to 18, compiled in a book by Neville Brody; and posters by the most innovative graphic designers of the last two decades. A stunner. An absolute "must-have" title for graphic design, typography, and art book collectors. This title is an art/contemporary design classic. This is one of very few copies still available online, is still in the publisher's original shrinkwrap, and has absolutely no flaws, a pristine beauty. We will not open our copy to take additional scans because the book is a fragile production. A very scarce copy thus. Two of the most innovative and influential graphic and typeface designers of our time. A flawless copy. . ISBN 3836525011. $90.00

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