Moretti, Luisa Menazzi (Artist/Photographer) & D'Amico, Fortunato (Contributor). COSE DI NATURA/NATURE'S MATTERS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY LUISA MENAZZI MORETTI. Genoa, Italy: Musei Di Nervi, 2014. Softcover. First Edition/First Printing. 95 pages. As New.

Exhibition Monograph. Collection of color photographs on subject. One of the most beautiful art photography books of our time. Review Copy. Review Material laid-in: A Letter on the artist/photographer's letterhead signed by her. Published in a tiny print run as a softcover original only that was not distributed commercially and sold out upon publication. The book is now rare. A brilliant production by Luisa Menazzi Moretti: Oversize-volume format. Pictorial softcovers with titles on the cover and spine, as issued. Photographs and Interview by Luisa Menazzi Moretti. Essay by Fortunato D'Amico. All of the text is in the Italian original and felicitous English translations. Printed on pristine-white, thick coated stock paper in Genoa, Italy to the highest standards, as one has come to expect of Italian publishing. Without DJ, as issued. Published on the occasion of the landmark inaugural exhibition of the same name held at the Musei Di Nervi Genoa, Italy in 2014. Presents, in a beautifully produced volume, some of Luisa Menazzi Moretti's finest and most representative images. They are all photographs of Nature, very meticulously and prudently mediated by digital camera technology, and executed with a brilliant aesthetic twist: Moretti uses her natural surroundings to make highly personal and emotionally resonant images that refer, ultimately, to the inner life. She sees Nature as the Beginning of all Art, as the first work of art, and corrollarily, views art or photography that is deracinated and alienated by Nature (that is to say, a great deal of Modernism and Post-Modernism) as defeatist, even pointless. She is by no means enamored by Nature and is aware only too well of its destructive and catastrophic side. Rather, Nature is the starting point for her of a personal artistic journey that results in some of the most ravishingly beautiful photographic images being made today. "I do not have an enchanted vision of Nature. It is beauty, balance, relief, harmony, but also desolation, devastation, indifference. Nature gives me an unlimited and constantly renovated vitality. The energy she conveys to me heals tensions, frees from negative moods, gives balance, joy, serenity" (Luisa Menazzi Moretti). The Monograph is divided into three parts: "From The Depths", "Transition", and "Towards The Sky". In other words, Nature's Matters, and that Nature matters. An absolute "must-have" title for Luisa Menazzi Moretti collectors. This is a Review Copy. It comes with a Letter on the artist/photographer's personal letterhead/stationery, which is very prominently, neatly, and beautifully signed in black ink-pen by Luisa Menazzi Moretti. Please note: As is the industry custom, Moretti did not sign the book itself. This is an Import title and will become a contemporary art photography classic. As far as we know, this is the only copy of the Exhibition Monograph available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. A rare copy thus. Lavishly illustrated with color plates. One of the most brilliant living Italian artist/photographers. A fine copy. (SEE ALSO STEPHEN M. SCHAUB TITLE IN OUR CATALOG). $50.00

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