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Yun, Isang (Composer); Kaya, Han (Pianist); Linklater, Kristin & Gonschorek, Martin (Flutist). ISANG YUN: SIGNED, DATED, AND ANNOTATED SOUVENIR CARD. European Union: NEOS Music GmBH, 1989. Other. First Edition/First Printing. 3 pages. Fine.

Rare Isang Yun collectible set. A pristine-white, vintage Souvenir Card, signed, dated, and annotated (written a fragment of one of his music scores) by Isang Yun. The card measures 6 X 4 inches. It comes with two major CD recordings of his work: "Pathetique: Yun Beethoven" and "Isang Yun: Shakespeare Looking East". All of these materials are now rare. Presents Isang Yun's vintage Souvenir Card. Since his death in 1995, the Korean-born German composer has enjoyed a revival as one of Modernism's greatest yet most under-appreciated figures: The genuine and vital link between East and West. The Isang Yun discography is now virtually complete. "Isang Yun is a major composer of the 20th century, with a remarkable style that achieved a unique and rigorous fusion of avant-garde, Neo-Romantic, and Asian music elements. A first-hand participant in some of the most dramatic events of the century (he was imprisoned, tortured, and ultimately died from the effects of his injuries), his work is of remarkable intensity and conviction" (Christopher Smith). "One of the greatest and most original composers of the 20th century, especially in his later years, when he abandoned the most stringent strictures of avant-garde music, and let his lyrical vein and the inspiration of Korean Court music take over. His music displays fascinating sonic invention and intense lyricism at the same time" (Discophage). Isang Yun remains both largely unknown and once known to a curious listener, an acquired taste. His music bears the scars as well as the triumphs of his life: The South Korean Government waged a relentless campaign to silence him because of his "radical" political views (he espoused, among other controversial causes, the reunification of the two Koreas, and visited the North, which was and is prohibited to this day). South Korea kidnapped him twice, tortured him during his incarceration to break his spirit, and did not kill him only because of the intense international pressure led by Germany. Yun wanted to achieve what still appears to be an Impossible Dream: To be a Korean composer committed to his homeland who nevertheless writes in the serious Western/European tradition. The recent success of a composer like Tan Dun, who melds Chinese melisma effects to Western harmonies and structures, owes nothing less than its precedence and example to Isang Yun. It was surely a great consolation during the extreme circumstances of his historically vulnerable life that one of his admirer/supporters was no less than Igor Stravinsky, the greatest composer of the 20th century. Time is on Isang Yun's side. An absolute "must-have" collectible, not just memorabilia, set for Isang Yun collectors. This vintage Souvenir Card is very prominently and beautifully signed, dated, and annotated (written a fragment of one of his music scores) in black ink-pen by the composer: "[Music score fragment], Isang Yun [date]13.10.89". It is signed and inscribed directly on the card itself. It comes with two landmark CD recordings: "Pathetique: Yun Beethoven" and "Isang Yun: Shakespeare Looking East". This item is now highly collectible. As far as we know, this is the only such signed Souvenir Card available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. A rare signed item thus. One of the greatest composers of the 20th century. A fine collectible set. . $250.00

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