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Sheikh, Fazal (Featured Artist/Photographer); Serrano, Andres & Webb, Alex (Participating Artists). FAZAL SHEIKH: SOUVENIR ANNOUNCEMENT POSTER. Chicago, IL: Columbia College Of Chicago, 1998. Poster. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. Fine.

Rare Fazal Sheikh collectible item. A pristine copy of the Souvenir Announcement Poster of Columbia College of Chicago's Photography Workshop Autumn 1998, signed and dated by Fazal Sheikh. The first and only edition. Published in a tiny print run that was not widely distributed even in Chicago nor sold commercially. There is no ISBN. The poster is now rare. Published on the occasion of Columbia College of Chicago's Photography Workshop Autumn 1998. The two other participating photographers were Andres Serrano and Alex Webb. Presents Fazal Sheikh's Souvenir Announcement Poster. The poster is huge, at 17 X 23 inches. It shows one of Fazal Sheikh's most hauntingly beautiful images. Fazal Sheikh is unique among so-called "concerned photographers" in that he believes in communicating the individuality of every subject's pain and suffering. While his ultimate aim is activist - to gain awareness and generate positive action on behalf of the refugees in Africa, Afghanistan (where the Afghan people are in the unique position of being refugees in their own homeland), and other parts of the world - the photographs themselves are heartbreakingly beautiful because Fazal Sheikh insists that each subject be seen as an individual in all his or her appalling suffering and indomitable pride in spite of it. An absolute "must-have" collectible, not just memorabilia, item for Fazal Sheikh collectors. This Souvenir Announcement Poster of Columbia College of Chicago's Photography Workshop Autumn 1998 is very prominently and beautifully signed and dated (on the day of the event) in black ink-pen in front by the artist/photographer: "Fazal Sheikh 10/31/98". It is signed directly on the poster itself. As far as we know, this is the only signed copy available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. 1 original poster. Winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant in 2005. One of the finest living photographers. A fine copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER FAZAL SHEIKH TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $50.00

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