Sacks, Oliver. SEEING VOICES: A JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF THE DEAF. Berkeley, CA: University Of California Press, 1989. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 180 pages. Fine/Fine.

Book-length account on subject. One of Oliver Sacks' finest achievements. The First Hardcover Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. Published in a very small and limited first print run as a hardcover original only by a University Press. The First Edition is now rare. Presents Oliver Sacks' "Seeing Voices". What is language? We acquire it through speech ("hearing"), sometime after birth, and then we acquire it again, if we are fortunate enough, through literacy ("reading"). There are an estimated 775 Million people (mostly women and children) who remain illiterate, nothing less than a crime against humanity. What, then, does being born deaf, that is, being disadvantaged from the beginning, tell us about language (that is to say, speech, literacy, and literature) ? There are an estimated 10 Million Americans who are deaf. "A fascinating voyage into a strange and wonderful land, a provocative meditation on communication, biology, adaptation, and culture. A deeply felt portrait of a minority struggling for recognition and respect, a minority with its own rich, astonishing culture and unique visual language, an extraordinary mode of communication that tells us much about the very basis of language itself" (Publisher's blurb). "An exquisite and revelatory work" (Studs Terkel). For much of his life, Sacks sublimated (if that is the right word) his enormous appetites and energies to science ("wisdom"), medicine ("healing"), and literature ("beauty"). His single greatest contribution to Western thought is that Oliver Sacks, as a practicing specialist doctor and writer, illuminated and changed our understanding of a very old philosophical idea: Human consciousness, in all of its complexity and uniqueness. A genius and a hero, Dr. Oliver Sacks died on August 30, 2015 at the age of 82. "There will be no one like us when we are gone. But then there is no one like anyone else, ever" (Oliver Sacks). An absolute "must-have" title for Oliver Sacks collectors. This copy is very prominently and beautifully signed in black pen-marker on the title page by Oliver Sacks. It is signed directly on the page itself, not on a tipped-in page or bookplate. Sacks' signature on this particular copy has the magnificent "tail-flourish" with which he sometimes signed his books (instead of just initialled them when he was pressed for time). This title is a contemporary classic. This is one of very few signed copies of the First Hardcover Edition/First Printing still available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. Beware: Most copies available online are subsequent printings or have serious flaws. A rare signed copy thus. One of the greatest writer-thinkers of our time. A fine collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER OLIVER SACKS TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0520060830. $300.00

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