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Freger, Charles (Photographer) & Mouchel, Didier (Contributor). DONNEUR: PORTRAITS PHOTOGRAPHIQUES ET UNIFORMES ("DONORS: PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS AND UNIFORMS") . Nantes, France: Arcelor Packaging International, 2002. Softcover. First Edition/First Printing. 75 pages. As New.

Collection of color portrait-photographs, presented as an Artist Book. One of the most brilliant titles in the iconic series of "Portraits Photographiques et Uniformes". The first and only edition. Published in a tiny first print run as a softcover original only whose limitation is not stated. Commissioned by Arcelor Packaging International, the book was not sold commercially. It is Charles Freger's rarest title. A brilliant production by Charles Freger: Regular-sized volume format. Pristine-white softcovers, as issued. Photographs by Charles Freger. Text by Didier Mouchel. Magnificent pictorial steel-metal case. The latter is uniquely appropriate: The steel-metal can (what Arcelor makes) is the most efficient, economical, and safest way to pack and deliver food and beverage products worldwide. Steel packaging is also environmentally-friendly recyclable. It can also be a beauty. Printed on pristine-white, thick coated stock paper in Nantes, France to the highest standards. The reproduction quality is exquisite in its clarity, tonal range, and attention to detail. In pictorial DJ with titles on the cover, as issued. Presents Charles Freger's "Donneur". Commissioned portraits of the mostly older men and women (the average age is 50) who work for Arcelor Packaging International. As such, they are the older counterparts of the young male and female workers Freger has photographed extensively. "Since 1999, Charles Freger has been photographing his contemporaries in the midst of their adoptive tribes. Placed before a neutral background, facing the lens, the model, wearing his or her uniform, poses within their own environment, but remains separate from the surroundings and its activities. The photographer prises open a seam, the fleeting moment where the individual oscillates between his or her subjectivity and the identity imposed by the uniform that he or she wears" (Raphaelle Stopin). The Freger Style is documentary PLUS portrait. There is no question that his antecedent is August Sander, with a crucial, modern twist: His portraits present not so much a community (as Sander invariably does), but the individuals that give such community its form. As such, his work is neither purely documentary or sociological. His emphasis on individual particularity repudiates "globalization" and "the human family", the most beloved ideas of mainstream photojournalists, as nothing more and nothing less than a lie: Every single human being will always identify with a specific community. With every seemingly exotic portrait, Freger poses to the viewer the same provocative and compelling questions: Why do I choose to belong to a tribe? Why do I adhere to its rules? Why do I believe in the necessity of social cohesion? Why do I express myself through others? A great portrait-photographer (whose only counterpart is Rineke Dijkstra), Freger is thereby an actively practising photographer of "punctum", Roland Barthes' aesthetic standard in "Camera Lucida" (1980), for what sets a photograph apart, its visual punctuation or detail, the "disturbance" and "wound" that the viewer does not immediately recognize, but eventually sees and comes to love about the photograph. An absolute "must-have" title for Charles Freger collectors. This copy is very prominently, neatly, and beautifully signed black pen-marker on the steel-metal case itself by Charles Freger. This is a great contemporary Artist Book. As far as we know, this is the only such signed copy available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. Lavishly illustrated with color plates. One of the most brilliant photographers of our time. A fine collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER CHARLES FREGER TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 2913179053. $300.00

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