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Clergue, Lucien. LUCIEN CLERGUE: MATADOR ("BULLFIGHTER") : THE EXHIBITION POSTER. Paris, France: Self-Published, 1980. Other. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. Fine.

Rare Lucien Clergue collectible item. A framed poster of his classic "Matador" Exhibition Poster (circa 1980), signed by Lucien Clergue. There is no ISBN. The Poster is vintage, and is now rare. Poster size is 17 X 23 inches. Framed size is 18 X 24 inches. Professionally framed on solid black wood and Plexiglas by Craig Cotsones/Stephen Daiter Gallery Chicago. Eminently suitable for display. Printed on archival, thick coated stock paper in Paris, France to the highest standards. Without DJ, as issued. Presents Lucien Clergue's "Matador". An exquisite reproduction of his image of a Spanish "torero"/bullfighter. It is brilliantly cropped: We do not see his face, as is usually the case, only his torso and famously elaborate accoutrement: Costume, red cape, and shiny sword, in a balletic pose. The elegant image is in contrast with Clergue's sequence in "Toros Muertos" (1966), where he depicts the bull as hapless victim (rather than something ferocious or fearful) : The "toro" is shown in visible pain, dying a slow, agonizing death, dead, and finally, a carcass hanging in an abattoir. For the philosophical Clergue, the bullfighter, the bull, and their duel represent the struggle called life itself: "In the concept of the universe, life and death are on the same level, on the same line, in the same hour. Still, between the two, there is so much to be seen and done: Let us try to discover the secret world of our nature" (Lucien Clergue). This "secret world" shows Man as capable of less-than-human, "animal" barbarism and Animal as his human-like victim. "The Monet of the camera" (Pablo Picasso). An absolute "must-have" collectible, not just memorabilia, item for Lucien Clergue collectors. This framed copy of the "Matador" Exhibition Poster is magnificently signed in black pen-marker directly underneath the image by Lucien Clergue. Clergue's signature on this poster is vintage, NOT contemporary, and it's the best we have ever seen: Big, bold, and beautiful. As far as we know, this is the only such signed copy of the Exhibition Poster available online, is professionally framed on solid black wood and Plexiglas, and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. Please note: Lucien Clergue vintage prints command thousands of dollars from galleries and online. This vintage poster is surely an accessible and lovely alternative. A rare signed copy thus. 1 framed poster. Lucien Clergue's "Toros Muertos" was selected as one of the greatest photography books in "The Photobook". One of the greatest artist/photographers of our time. A fine collectible poster. (SEE ALSO OTHER LUCIEN CLERGUE TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $700.00

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