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RES (Raul Eduardo Stolkiner) & Piaggio, Constanza (Model/Subject) . LAS PIERNAS DE CRISTA ("CRISTA'S LEGS") . Buenos Aires, Argentina: Raul Eduardo Stolkiner Studios, 2006. Other. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. As New.

Rare RES (Raul Eduardo Stolkiner) collectible print. Framed Original Color Print of "Las piernas de Crista" ("Crista's Legs"), signed by both RES and Constanza Piaggio. Print size is 8 X 10 inches. Full frame size is 14 X 18 inches. Professionally (and beautifully) framed on solid black wood and Plexiglas by Craig Cotsones/Stephen Daiter Gallery Chicago. Eminently suitable for display. Without DJ, as issued. Presents, in a collectible framed format, RES' "Las piernas de Crista"/"Crista's Legs". A brilliant re-imagination of the Crucifixion Scene as a photographic image: We see only the legs of Jesus Christ (rather than His whole body). It would NOT make sense if it was rendered as a painting (even though it obviously has painterly qualities, and alludes to the whole history of Christian iconography), but it makes perfect sense as a photograph that is deliberately cropped, thereby allowing the viewer to imagine and supply the rest of Christ's suffering body. Like many of the most ambitious and enormously talented artists of Latin America, RES is a natural-born aesthete who is also a committed social/political thinker. RES believes in political art. But he also believes that the conventional conception of political art in the Western/Latin-American tradition wrongly elevated politics at the expense of art when it should have been the other way around: Art is enhanced and enlarged by politics, but should not be overwhelmed much less replaced by it. "Crista's Legs" provocatively re-presents the Crucifixion as Woman (Crista instead of Cristo/Christ), and is a masterly example of the post-humanist universality that RES's photographic art ultimately represents. A revered cult figure in Argentina, RES is one of the most intelligent and imaginative living artist/photographers. His work can only be described as cerebral, without losing any of art's sensuous qualities. It will reward repeated and immersive viewings. Being exposed to, understanding, and appreciating his work is one of the life-changing experiences a lover of art photography will have. An absolute "must-have" print for RES collectors. This framed original color print of "Las piernas de Crista" ("Crista's Legs") is very boldly and beautifully signed in black pen on verso by RES. It is also very prominently and beautifully signed in black ink-pen by his model and long-time RES collaborator, Constanza Piaggio. His muse, she appears in many of his iconic images. As far as we know, this is the only print available online, is professionally (and beautifully) framed on solid black wood and Plexiglas, and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare signed print thus. 1 original color print. One of the most brilliant artist/photographers of our time. A flawless collectible print. (SEE ALSO OTHER RES TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $600.00

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