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Mukherjee, Siddhartha. THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES: A BIOGRAPHY OF CANCER. New York City, NY: Scribner, 2010. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 575 pages. Fine/Fine.

Book-length account on subject. One of the best books on surviving, thriving, and illness ever written in our time. Review Copy. Publisher's Promotionl Material laid-in. The First Hardcover Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions, particularly the later Easton Press Edition. Published in a small and limited first print run as a hardcover original only that sold out shortly after publication. The First Edition is now rare. Presents Siddhartha Murkherjee's "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer". His breakthrough debut, a magisterial account on cancer, the most intractable and still incurable illness to befall Man. "In 2010 alone, 600, 000 Americans and more than 7 million human beings around the world died of cancer. With this sobering statistic, physician and researcher Siddhartha Mukherjee begins his comprehensive and eloquent biography of one of the most virulent diseases of all time. An exhaustive account of cancer's origins, 'The Emperor of All Maladies' illustrates how modern treatments - chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as well as preventive care - came into existence thanks to a century's worth of research, trials, and small, essential breakthroughs around the globe. Rich with the science and history behind the fight against cancer, it is also a meditation on illness, medical ethics, and the complex, intertwining lives of doctors and patients. A very human history of an elusive and complicated disease" (Lynette Mong). Susan Sontag, who suffered, survived, and finally succumbed to three consecutive bouts of cancer, each of them Stage 4, once wrote that every human being has "dual citizenship", one in the Kingdom of The Well and another in the Kingdom of The Sick. We use only the "good passport", but sooner or later (and whether we like it or not), we will spend some, perhaps permanent, time in the other Kingdom. The paragraph-long excerpt from Sontag's "Illness As Metaphor" (1978) is reproduced by Siddhartha Mukherjee in full as the epigraph of his ground-breaking and definitive book. An absolute "must-have" title for Siddhartha Mukherjee collectors. This is a Review Copy. The publisher's material is laid-in. It is very boldly and beautifully signed in black pen-marker on the title page by Siddhartha Mukherjee. It is signed directly on the page itself, not on a tipped-in page, as the later Easton Press Edition is. Mukherjee's specimen-signature on this copy is one of the best we have ever seen. This title is a great book. This is one of very few such signed copies of the First Hardcover Edition/First Printing still available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. Please note: Almost all other copies available online are subsequent printings or have major flaws. A rare signed copy thus. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction in 2011 for "Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer". One of the most brilliant American writers of our time. A fine collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEE AND SUSAN SONTAG'S "ILLNESS AS METAPHOR" TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 1439107955. $200.00

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