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Diepraam, Willem. WILLEM DIEPRAAM: "LOMO DE CORVINA, PANAMERICA SUR, LIMA, PERU, 1990" VINTAGE SILVER-GELATIN PRINT. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Willem Diepraam Studios, 1990. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 1 pages. As New. Signed.

Rare Silver-Gelatin Vintage Print of classic Willem Diepraam photograph. Limited Edition of 15 numbered and signed copies. The first edition of the print. Print size is 11 X 20 inches. Beautifully, unobtrusively, and elegantly framed in white matte stock paper and contrasting dark-wood semi-glossy frame. The photograph is of a young boy being furiously chased by a pack of wild dogs. The white craggy landscape is streaked with undulating gray lines (as if by design), looms over the tiny subjects, and seems to merge with and finally envelop them, the Universal and the particular captured beautifully in one stunning image. The photograph is named after the place where the incident actually took place, was witnessed and captured permanently on film by Willem Diepraam (he will not reveal if the dogs caught up with the boy and killed him). As one has come to expect of a master photographer who is both a moralist and a formalist, the picture is an aesthetic triumph of compositional rigor as well as a genuine evocation of pure, unmitigated horror. What finally happened to the boy is evoked by the chase that we see, in the same manner that all great photographs stir one's febrile imagination much more powerfully through indirection, subtlety, and suggestiveness. Diepraam's great photograph is ultimately a testament to the medium's relation to truth and knowledge as well as to art and the imagination. Willem Diepraam is a Dutch photojournalist who has published several books in Europe, none of which is available in the United States. Knowledge of his work here is very long overdue. A masterpiece, this is a "must-have" print for Willem Diepraam collectors. This copy of the Limited Edition is beautifully numbered, signed, dated, and placed in pencil on verso by the photographer. All copies of the vintage print are now in private hands or public collections. This is the only copy available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. One of the world's finest living photographers. A flawless collectible vintage print. (SEE ALSO OTHER WILLEM DIEPRAAM TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). $1500.00

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