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Naipaul, V. S. . MAGIC SEEDS. London, England: Picador, 2004. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 294 pages. As New/As New.

The author's fourteenth novel. The ostensible sequel to "Half A Life" and reportedly V. S. Naipaul's final novel. The First Hardcover Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. Tantalizing chapters originally appeared in The New Yorker Magazine. "A stunning novel of the present moment that takes us into the hearts and minds of those who use terrorism as an ideal and a way of life and those who aspire to the frightening power of wealth. Abandoning a life he felt was not his own, Willie Chandran moves to Berlin where his sister's radical political awakening inspires him to join a liberation movement in India. There, Willie, a solitary, inward man, discovers both the idealism and brutality of guerrilla warfare. A moving tale of a man searching for his life and fearing he has wasted it. Its spare, elegant prose sizzles with devastating psychological analysis, bleak humor, and astonishing characters. Only V. S. Naipaul could have written a novel so attuned to the world and so much a challenge to it" (Publisher's blurb). "The greatest writer of English prose" (London Observer). Bar none. A "must-have" title for V. S. Naipaul collectors. This copy is very prominently and beautifully signed in black fountain pen on the title page by V. S. Naipaul. This title has been out-of-print as a hardcover for a long time even though it went into multiple subsequent printings and is now highly collectible. Signed Naipauls are rare. He has always been an elusive and reluctant signer; most signed copies of his books are of the Limited Editions (on a tipped-in page). Signed copies of the regular First Editions (on the title page) are actually much more scarce than the former. This is one of very few signed copies of the First Hardcover Edition still available online and has no flaws, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. Winner of the Booker Prize in 1971 for "In A Free State". Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001. One of the greatest writers of the 20th century. A flawless collectible copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER V. S. NAIPAUL TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0330485202. $300.00

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