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Sontag, Susan (Subject) & Moser, Benjamin (Author). SONTAG: HER LIFE AND WORK. New York City, NY: Ecco Press, 2019. Hardcover. First Edition/First Printing. 832 pages. As New/As New.

Massive biography. One of the most important literary events of our time. The First Hardcover Edition. Precedes and should not be confused with all other subsequent editions. Published in a small and limited first print run as a hardcover original only. Presents Benjamin Moser's "Sontag: Her Life And Work". A fair-minded yet hard-hitting account on the greatest American writer-intellectual of our time. Moser recounts The Life of an insecure, arrogant, and cruel genius, who made life for everyone close to her a living hell. Although Moser never uses the word, Sontag was a monster, and her relationship with Annie Leibovitz was sado-masochism (in the relational rather than sexual sense). Leibovitz supported Sontag to the tune of "at least" eight million dollars, giving her a $15000 weekly allowance, among other largesse-favors, a generosity that Sontag resented rather than felt grateful for: How can a hard-working, high-achieving serious writer like her make next to nothing compared to a crassly commercial - and in her view, minimally talented - photographer like Leibovitz? So she treated the latter as her inferior (Leibovitz remains in denial, even with Moser, about her abject victimization). But then, there is The Work, around which Moser weaves a dazzling "theme-and-variations" narrative-argument about "reality-versus-fantasy" and "aesthetics-as-ethics". His appraisal illuminates not just Sontag's body of work, but indeed ALL of 20th-century literature, philosophy, and art. There is a reason why a Sontag essay was an exciting event: She made us aware, in each instance, that the question, "What is the meaning of life", is the wrong one because it leads us to seek and "find" absolute answers, in God and religion, in The Great Leader and the omnipotent state, in theory, ideology, and "wisdom" that inevitably fail us. Instead, each of her greatest essays asks, "Why is something meaningful?". To paraphrase Sontag herself, why does everything matter - and nothing else? In Sontag's case, "everything" is literature, the arts, and civilization itself as well as freedom, the suffering, and the inalienable rights of others. An absolute "must-have" title for Susan Sontag and Benjamin Moser collectors. This copy is very prominently, neatly, and beautifully signed in black ink-pen on the title page by Benjamin Moser. It is signed directly on the page itself, not on a tipped-in page. This title is a contemporary classic. This is one of few such signed copies of the First Hardcover Edition/First Printing still available online and is in especially fine condition: Clean, crisp, and bright, a pristine beauty. A rare signed copy thus. One of the most brilliant biographer-writers of our time. A fine copy. (SEE ALSO OTHER SUSAN SONTAG TITLES IN OUR CATALOG). ISBN 0062896393. $100.00

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